Think outside the crate

Finding the safest way of transport of my dogs to Singapore a.k.a Project Truus, has kept me busy. My to do list is endless and I benefit wholeheartedly of my project management skills. Like many projects I worked on in the past, you realize early on that each project gives you new insights. In this post I will share with you my “lessons learned”: Aim as high as possible and think outside the crate.

I made many fruitless phone calls with reservation desks of various airlines trying to find a way to get my French bulldog in First class. Even if you are willing to book the entire First class, they refuse. Upon asking why you are not allowed to bring your dog if rent out the entire First class, a lady replied (after she put me on hold for five minutes): “Because it is mentioned on our website”. Never again will I make a phonecall to a helpdesk. I realized it is no use arguing with these ladies and you have to aim higher.

I started sending messages to senior level executives of these airlines through Linkedin. I had very low expectations of my success rate. Low and behold, within the hour I had a reply of both Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. They were faster than the sales teams of the private jet companies. Chapeau! However, they could not give me solution (yet) but they promised to work on it with their teams. Fingers and toes crossed!

While discussing my Project Truus which is close to a fulltime job with my dear friend Morgan, we realized that Singapore has a zoo. A zoo has animals, big animals, exotic animals. How did the elephants, crocodiles and rhinos get to this zoo? Noah’s arch has been out of fashion for many years already. Which airline did they use? After a few phonecalls to the Singapore Zoo, we learnt that Singapore Airlines Cargo is their airline of choice. I am happy to inform you that Singapore Airlines Cargo is now working on a quotation for shipping my 10 kg French bulldog Truus from Hong Kong to Singapore with me as her “groomer”. For sake of clarity, if they can ship rhinos, I am pretty sure Truus and I will be perfectly fine. Again fingers and toes crossed. It really helps to think outside the box or in this case outside the crate.

One final ‘out of the crate’ thought, if I pretend Truus is a goldfish and bring her as carry on luggage, do you think the airlines would mind?



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