Road rage

Being an optimist by nature, I happily accept my daunting task to relocate Truus from Hong Kong to Singapore. Since commercial airlines and cruise ships are out of the question, there is always the good old car to bring us to the Lion City. I love a good road trip. From Hong Kong I could hypothetically drive to China, Vietnam, Laos and go south via Thailand, Malaysia to arrive in Singapore. We only have to cross six borders, a trip of 4000 miles on mostly unruly roads.

Truus likes driving and is up for any challenge. She is used to driving in Europe and enjoys a bicycle ride every now an then. The day we cycled through Paris, more pictures were taken of Truus than of the Eiffel tower. She was reclining comfortably in her wired basket and giving directions while we were cruising the city streets of the most dog friendly city of the world. Truus and I went shopping at Le Bon Marche, Rue de Saint Honore, Chanel, Lanvin, you name it. We visited restaurants without waiters getting a heart attack because you bring in your furry friend. Gosh, I miss those trips.


Let me get back to my Asian road trip. A few examples why this roadtrip is destined to fail.

  • If you want to apply for an pet import license to China, you would have to present a rental agreement for a house (which I do not have).
  • Driving through China and Vietnam, you would cross a few provinces that are still very fond of dog meat. My Truus is not a hotdog!
  • You have to comply with the local pet import and quarantaine regulations of six different countries. Can you inmagine the red tape involved? I would have to hire at least two summer interns to figure this out.
  • Complying with the quarantaine rules after every border crossing: for arguments sake, three weeks per border crossing. This means that my entire trip would take at least 15 weeks for quarantaine alone. 
  • Currently, if Truus arrives directly from Hong Kong to Singapore, there is no quarantaine needed. Can you inmagine how long the quarantaine would be if she arrived after a trip through China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia?
  • Last but not least, Singapore only allows import pets that arrive directly by boat or plane.

Back to the drawing board. The movie ‘Planes, trains & automobiles’ comes to mind. Since travelling by planes and automobiles is out of the question, would the train be our knight in shining armour? Alas, travelling by train would have the same issues, this option is a definite no-no. I am starting to feel like Steve Martin: road rage!!!


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