Cruises are for newly weds and nearly deads


As a child of the 80s, I remember coming home after school and watching the reruns of the Loveboat. Jacob shaking the loveliest comforting cocktails, impeccable Captain Stubing, some intrigue and a lot of romance. The strongest memory of this series is the soundtrack: “The Looooooove boat promising something for everyone”.  So for me that is travelling with my dog.

Cruises are for nearly deads and newlyweds . Considering that all grannies would like to bring their little pooches along on their sea adventures, it makes sense that the cruise ships allow pets aboard.  At least that is what you would think.  This is what I have learnt so far.

Cunard that operates the Queen Mary 2 allows passengers to bring their cats and dogs on their transatlantic journeys from New York – Southampton – Hamburg and vice versa. Hong Kong – Singapore is on their itinerary too. However, on this stretch they do not allow pets. Why not? Beats me. It makes you wonder what they do during this trip with their kennels? Are they used to house unruly passengers?

For sake of completeness, neither Costa Cruises, Star Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Silversea Cruises allow dogs. However, they do permit assistance dogs to help their needy owners. I wish I could present Truus as my emotional assistance dog. She understands everything I tell her. I wish my husband was such a good listener. Truus is always there for me and sits on my feet when my feet are cold. And she impresses me again and again by beating the worldrecord of hours of sleep per day. She is just an amazing dog.

Shouldn’t amazing dogs be allowed to travel with their owners? I’d like to think so. Just to summarize: cruises are for newly weds and nearly deads but not their pets!


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